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data boss uses for dealers

If you are a retail dealer interested in buying and selling collectible items, this useful database can be organized very effectively to list complete business contact information as well as offering you a list of assignable managerial tasks that you can integrate fully into your inventory. 

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If you have a collection, we have a solution for you.

The Data Boss for Collectors

Action Figure Collection Software

A computer desktop software database especially designed for action figure collections

  Manages and organizes action figure collections
  Displays colorful pictures and full item details

  Contains templates for action figure collectors
  Easy to install, even for complete beginners
  Immediate download after payment is received
  Send others your entire collection by email
  Produces reports of your action figure collection
  Offers business related pro features for dealers
  Constructs full listings for multiple collections
  Catalogues commercial product inventories
  Offers fully user customizable categories

  Use the Data Boss to help you organize your action figure collection today!  

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  • The Data Boss software for collectors is a powerfully built database tool that has been designed with easy to use features and will allow you to get started organizing your own items onto a computer desktop within minutes! The Data Boss is extremely useful for documenting and managing collections and is built to categorize, classify and reference objects and images to help you keep track of all of the collection information for each item on your own PC desktop.

  • The prominently displayed customizable categories can include the purchase price, place of purchase, current value, year of release, or any other information that you may want to add. If you don't see the description detail or category that you need to classify your item, just go ahead and simply create your own personalized listings from the list of options or available automatic drop-down menus.



Use the DATA BOSS collection software to be able to:

* Create and update entries within minutes

* Assort, classify, reference and search your collections

* Breakdown your collection into different groups and categorize the important characteristics for each listing

* Number and name your entries and fully list any unique purchase details that may affect or influence your potential sales

* Maintain complete managerial information for your collection in one organized desktop file

* Send a full color collection catalog by email complete with pictures, details, prices and even website links

* Build a total reference listing for all of the different items in your collection with the current listed value and your selling price


Professional CRM Features in the Data Boss

With the Data Boss, a useful task manager is located on each item page
in order to provide complete customer related contact listings that are centrally located and can be used to keep track of phone calls, meetings, conversations or even negotiations that you are having with potential clients or customers. Choose between high or low priority labels for your business contacts, fill in all necessary information about sellers or buyers, and leave yourself personal reminders that will quickly alert you about important upcoming meetings, times or dates.

To share your inventory with others, the Data Boss software has a built-in reports section that will allow users to export collections - complete with pictures and purchase details for easy attachment to emails.

The DATA BOSS computer software database is an easy to use desktop tool with a user customizable interface and full dealer contact information listings for managerial tasks that you can integrate fully into your collection.

regular price  $24.97   

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